Summary and instructions

Please complete the application transcript by following the instructions in Stage 1 within seven days of receiving the email with this link.  It is useful to complete the application transcript using a foot pedal and both suitable speakers and headphones to ensure the highest quality of work possible.  If you have speakers, plug your headphones into the speakers as this gives a clearer sound than playing the recording out loud through the speakers on your computer. 

If you live locally to our office and would prefer to complete the application transcript from our office with the use of a foot pedal rather than from your own home, please advise our Recruitment Team at

We do not recommend the purchase of any transcription equipment yet as transcription work does not suit everybody.

In the drop down below (titled Application transcript and corresponding audio) you will find a .zip file.  This should be downloaded onto your computer and the contents extracted.  Inside the .zip file are two files:

  • TTA A0001.1 APPLICATION RECORDING (this is a digital soundfile)
  • TTA F064.2 APPLICATION TRANSCRIPT – TO BE COMPLETED (this is a Word document with a partial transcription of the soundfile above)

Save both files in your My Documents before trying to open them.  If you are not using a foot pedal we find that Express Scribe is a good program to use for transcribing recordings as you can control the recording with ‘Hot Keys’ – a free, limited-use download can be found at

Whilst the recording is playing you need to follow the transcript on your monitor.  The last few minutes of the recording have not been transcribed, this is for you to complete on the same document in the same format.  The transcription exercise makes up the application process.

Once you have completed the application transcript, save the document as your name followed by COURT TRANSCRIBER APPLICATION TRANSCRIPT, i.e. POLLY JONES COURT TRANSCRIBER APPLICATION TRANSCRIPT.  Please upload the completed transcript via the upload link below within seven days of receiving the email with this link.

A summary of the recruitment and training process can be viewed on the Stages of Application document. The pay rate for Court Transcription starts from 35p per folio (72 words) plus bonuses – these rates are fully documented in documents released in Stage 2.

We trust you will enjoy finding out about our work and we look forward to receiving your completed document.


Application transcript and corresponding audio


Right click on the above text, select ‘Save link as’ and then follow the instructions to save the .zip to where you would like it on your computer.

If you are using Chrome, you may receive an alert that the file cannot be securely downloaded.  We are looking into the issue as to why this has started appearing. You may wish to run a scan on the files for your own peace of mind before bypassing the alert to download the files or alternatively access the link in another browser.



Form to upload application transcript

Upload Application Transcript

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