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Home-based audio typists (for applicants based within England and Wales)

The Transcription Agency is seeking to expand its team of home-based audio-transcribers.

Our current workforce consists of an administrative team and 250+ transcribers and translators who work for us either from their own homes or from our office in Hythe, Kent.  Our entire team consists of dedicated, loyal, conscientious and extremely skilled people who are committed to ensuring that The Transcription Agency’s high level of quality and service is upheld and maintained.

We can offer successful applicants competitive rates of pay, along with a flexible level of work each week that is adaptable to their needs.  All we ask is that you are available for a minimum of 20 hours per week but how you split these hours across the week is up to you – we work to your schedule.  We currently have staff that work for us on a part-time or a full-time basis.

We do not require you to have previous transcription experience.  Our team consists of staff who are relatively new to transcription to staff who are one of our ‘transcription veterans’ who have been with us since the very beginning of The Transcription Agency in 1997.  We provide all required training on-the-job and continue to provide ongoing training thereafter as part of our commitment to staff advancement.

The job isn’t just ‘a bit of typing’, it’s a profession involving complete confidentiality, excellent hearing (speed is not important but 100% accuracy is), perfect grammar, ability to meet deadlines and having a high level of motivation.  Hence it’s about 1:10 applicants who meet the required standard and are successful in becoming a member of the team.

The recordings we transcribe rarely feature just one voice and usually range from two to six speakers, although there can be more.  We transcribe for a broad range of sectors so the work is varied and interesting.  During training we will be restricted in the types of recordings that we can offer you, but on completion of the training we will be able to offer you a more diverse range of recordings to transcribe.  We appreciate that some people will find it difficult to work on some of our more sensitive subject matters and fully respect any requests to opt out of such work.

Applicant requirements

  • Applicants should be fluent in English, with a solid understanding of grammar, spelling, punctuation and idioms.
    Our transcripts are completed to a minimum accuracy level of 99.5% and so we require our transcribers to take pride in their work and be committed to maintaining our high quality levels.
  • Applicants should have excellent listening and concentration skills.
  • Applicants should be 100% reliable, possess excellent time management skills and have a mature and professional approach to work.
    The work we complete is deadline driven and there can be serious consequences for clients’ projects and legal deadlines if transcripts are delivered late.  Whilst the work is flexible for you to fit around your schedule, we do expect 100% reliability once you have accepted an individual transcription assignment.
  • Applicants should live within England or Wales.
  • Applicants should have their own internet access at home and their own laptop/desktop computer.
  • Applicants should be aged 18 or over.
  • Applicants should be committed to ensuring confidentiality and information security is adhered to and maintained.
    This will involve signing Non-Disclosure Agreements, Codes of Conduct, completing a Baseline Personnel Security Standard and once trained maintaining a clean DBS and completing Information Security assessments and questionnaires (this may involve a remote access check on your system with you present).  Applicants will be required to meet, maintain and adhere to all requirements, processes and protocols around information security and data protection.
  • Applicants should have a moderate typing speed.
    Whilst a fast typing speed is not essential, it is beneficial as it will impact on the turnarounds and work that we are able to offer you.

Application process.
If you would like to apply for this position, please complete the application form.  If your application form is accepted you will be required to transcribe our assessment recording to demonstrate your transcription skills.

Please note:-
  • Transcribers are self-employed and are therefore responsible for their own tax and National Insurance.
  • Hotmail and Live email addresses are sometimes problematic so you may not receive emails from The Transcription Agency at these addresses.  We recommend you provide an alternative contact email.
  • At the end of each page (once you have clicked next) you will need to click on the job posting dropdown again to see the next part of the application form.

Application Form - Transcriber

You are required to complete all sections of the form. Please note that The Transcription Agency regularly submits proposals for tenders. Some tenders do ask for responses regarding ethnicity, gender, age and disability of those who provide services. In order for us to fully document this information in tender proposals, please can you ensure that the relevant questions are answered as accurately as possible.

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  • Hotmail and Live email addresses are sometimes problematic and you may not receive emails from The Transcription Agency at these addresses. We recommend you provide an alternative contact email.
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