Our History

The Transcription Agency, a VIQ Solutions Company, has been providing an efficient, reliable and professional transcription and translation solution to numerous sectors across a global client base since 1997.

We are dedicated to ensuring that a high quality service is provided to all clients. Our experienced management team liaise closely with clients on each project to ensure that requirements and expectations are met.

Here’s a little history of how The Transcription Agency, a VIQ Solutions Company, began.

During the 1990s our Managing Director, Penny Ffoulkes, was working as a freelance qualitative researcher and found that her clients needed their research recordings transcribed. With that ‘can do’ attitude Penny started to transcribe first her own recordings, and then other researchers’ interviews and focus groups. It wasn’t long before other transcribers were recruited as more and more recordings were received each day. As a linguist with a fine ear, word of Penny’s quality control of transcripts was soon circulated and what started as a transcription service for her own clients soon developed into a national and international transcription and translation industry.

As a result of our rigorous training program and quality control, clients were finding our transcripts to be of a superior quality and so our client numbers were in the thousands within a few years. Our management team was successful in several tenders for long-term procurement.

With nearly 25 years in the business, our clients are now equally split between supplying legal transcription and transcripts for university, medical and research clients. We have a management and administration team of 17 and over 100 transcribers and translators.

In October 2021, The Transcription Agency was acquired by VIQ Solutions, a global leader providing solutions that result in secure, accurate, and reliable transcripts and translations. VIQ Solutions blended digital solutions suite, paired with its services, creates efficiencies for clients all over the world in industries such as courts, criminal justice, insurance, government, corporate finance, and media.

The Transcription Agency
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