The below listed FAQs primarily relate to our English Transcription service.  If you have queries regarding our Court Transcription service, you can read some FAQs here.  Should you have any queries regarding any other aspects of our service, please ask us by filling in the form on the Contact Us page.


Who uses your service?

Primarily the courts and legal sector, medical market research agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, government departments, charities and university research departments.  However, over the years The Transcription Agency has provided transcripts to a wide range of individuals and various sectors and we are happy to work with you on any manner of transcription requirement. 


Can you transcribe medical or legal recordings? Do you have professionally trained transcribers in those fields?

Yes.  The Transcription Agency has a dedicated in-house transcription team which works solely on transcripts of County Court hearings and judgments, PACE interviews and tribunals.  Our longstanding medical transcription team have a wealth of knowledge and experience and mostly originate from the healthcare sector.


How do you carry out transcription?

The Transcription Agency never uses voice recognition software as we are committed to providing the highest standards possible.  It is not possible for a computer to replicate the levels of expertise amassed by the collective years of experience at The Transcription Agency.  Full, accurate verbatim transcripts can only be achieved by an experienced transcriber whose work is then reviewed by our Quality Control Team, spot checked and signed off by a member of the management team before being returned to our clients.


What is your turnaround time to return transcripts?

The Transcription Agency will work to your specified deadline.  Whether short transcripts are required within the hour or longer transcripts are needed within 12 hours, 24 hours, 2 working days, 5 working days or longer, The Transcription Agency will return transcripts to your requirements.


What are your business hours?

Our office hours are 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. If you have a requirement that falls outside these times please advise as we often handle projects outside of office hours.


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Quality control and layout

What is your process of ensuring high levels of accuracy?

The Transcription Agency has an in-house Quality Control Team staffed by our most longstanding transcribers and management.  All transcripts are subject to Quality Control checks to ensure that they are full, accurate and meet the client's specified requirements.


Do you provide verbatim transcripts?

Transcripts are provided to our clients' requirements.  The Transcription Agency's standard transcription style for non court transcription is verbatim with the omission of hesitations and 'filler phrases' but full verbatim transcripts are often requested and completed.  Transcripts can also be provided in edited or polished format.  The Transcription Agency is flexible and works to ensure that the requirements set out by our clients are adhered to


What will my transcript look like?

The Transcription Agency would be happy to provide you with a sample layout for the service you require. Please Contact Us to request this.


What happens if the quality of my audio is poor?

The Transcription Agency has years of experience with poor quality recordings and will strive to return a transcript to you which is as complete as the audio allows.  Transcripts of poor quality audio are often passed through the hands of two or three transcribers to listen and re-listen to ensure that as much audio as possible has been accurately captured.


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Sending files to The Transcription Agency

How can I transfer files to The Transcription Agency?

Files can be uploaded quickly to The Transcription Agency via the Upload Files link which can be found on every page of this website. The Upload Files facility sends files directly to The Transcription Agency's SFTP site. Alternatively The Transcription Agency offers the provision of a personal password protected folder for each of its clients on our SFTP site.  This folder can be used for upload of soundfiles and retrieval of transcripts when complete. The Transcription Agency is also happy to retrieve files from clients' FTP or SFTP sites if required.


Can I send you my files via Dropbox or Hightail, for example?

Yes, many clients send files to us via file sharing sites. The Transcription Agency is happy to retrieve files via these sites.


Can I send you my files by email?

Due to the size of some audio files, we ask that you do not send your files to The Transcription Agency as email attachments.


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Confidentiality and Security

How do I know my work will remain confidential?

The Transcription Agency understands the ever increasing requirement for confidentiality and security and will not permit disclosure of any recording or document or their contents or any client-owned material in relation to a project to anyone except cleared personnel for the purposes of undertaking the project. 

All employees are subject to Baseline Security checks and have provided documentation to confirm their identity, nationality and immigration status where applicable.  All staff have signed non disclosure/confidentiality agreements and are willing to do so for individual clients if required.  Confidentiality clauses are written into all contracts. 

The Transcription Agency has an Information Security Policy and it covers the requirements for information security, the scope of the Information Security Management System, including business functions, areas and sites covered and the general philosophy towards information security.

Should you have any queries regarding The Transcription Agency's confidentiality and security procedures, please do not hesitate to Contact Us to find out more.

I've got solid media to send. How secure is your office?

Our office is located on a main High Street monitored by CCTV. 

The Transcription Agency's premises are accessed by a visual identification entry system. We do not allow unauthorised persons access to our offices.


How long do you store data on your system?

The Transcription Agency follows its clients' instructions with regards to data storage on a project by project basis.  Some clients request that all electronic media is deleted after completion of each project and receipt of transcripts has been confirmed.   Other clients prefer us to hold a copy of their data as a back up.  It is important that you advise your requirements when booking work with The Transcription Agency.


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Pricing and payment

What are my payment options?

The Transcription Agency can accept payment by debit or credit card. We also accept BACs and cheque payments.


Do you offer a free trial

Yes.  We are happy to transcribe a short section of prospective clients' recordings at no charge in order that they can assess our quality of work and service.  Please Contact Us to find out more.


Do you offer volume discounts

The Transcription Agency offers volume discounts to companies for whom it is the sole transcription provider. We can also offer discounts on large-scale projects. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.


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