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Lisa Warwick
06 Feb 2018 6:21 pm:
The Transcription Agency were a pleasure to work with. We had a substantial amount of audio to transcribe and they were incredibly efficient and produced high quality transcripts at a good price. Highly recommended.
28 Jul 2017 1:42 pm:
The transcription Agency actually answered the phone without putting me in a queue, with no idea how long the queue is, and without putting me in a menuing system, where the option I want is almost never listed
Without telling me I need to ring another number, write to X address, go to this website or email this address.
As so often happens when you ring anywhere today.

reminds me of the good old days in Britain when you called an agency and a human actually answered.

Please keep up the good work.
Rebecca Dowman
04 May 2017 12:28 pm:
The Transcription Agency is great! The service is quick, accurate, reasonably-priced and friendly. I would certainly recommend the agency to other companies – and, indeed, already have.
04 May 2017 12:27 pm:
The Transcription Agency is an efficient organisation. Turn around is speedy and accurate. The staff are friendly and co-operative over the telephone and via email.
Kelly Fitton
19 Jan 2017 1:42 pm:
This is the first time i have used this kind of service and i have to say very pleased with the service. Quick efficient nothing too much trouble. Gave me all the help i needed. Would highly recommend.
Simon Baggott
12 Jan 2017 2:09 pm:
This is the first time I have used the service. I have found it to be quick, efficient and most courteous. I am delighted with it in all respects.
Iain Ogburn
02 Nov 2016 4:08 pm:
Thank you for an amazing service, always professional and polite. always have time for a little conversation through email. Highly recommended
P Broad
28 Oct 2016 10:49 am:
I feel I must write and let you know what a fantastic service you provide. Very fast and accurate.
I would not hesitate in recommending you to anybody who needs these services.
Thank you very very much.
Carol Fuller
12 Aug 2016 3:59 pm:
I have been very impressed with the speed and quality of the transcriptions as well as the professional service I have received
R Callway
12 Jul 2016 9:20 am:
Thanks for the great service - it was delivered very promptly, with a clear and accurate transcription the interview. Thank you
Isabella, Researcher
20 Jun 2016 9:54 am:
I have been very pleased with The Transcription Agency's service. Great communication, quick turnaround and accurate transcripts. I would be happy to recommend them.
Anna Cheshire
10 Mar 2016 2:28 pm:
The TA has provided a great service for our project. Transcriptions are clear and accurate, turnaround has fitted our timescales, and they have been happy to accommodate our additional requests in relation to confidentiality of our data. Staff are always helpful and friendly in their communications.
Renata, Programme Manager
15 May 2015 9:53 am:
Excellent service. Very easy to upload the audio files, they return the work really quickly and communication with the team is very easy. I highly recommend using the Transcription Agency.
PhD Student
14 May 2015 3:42 pm:
I have been very impressed with the work done by the Transcription Agency. Turnaround is always very quick and the quality of transcription is excellent, even with challenging recordings and unusual names and words!
Research Assistant
14 May 2015 1:41 pm:
I am always very pleased with The Transcription Agency's work. Turn around time is very quick and the transcriptions are very accurate. I would highly recommend.
Research Assistant
14 May 2015 10:19 am:
We use the Transcription Agency for all of our transcriptions and they always come through surprisingly fast and very accurate considering some of the topics.
The staff are always very helpful and prompt in their responses.
I highly recommend them!!
University project leader
06 May 2015 3:44 pm:
The Transcription Agency have provided an outstanding service during our current research project - fast turnaround, efficient service, easy and effective to deal with. Transcripts always of a high quality! Superb!
06 May 2015 11:05 am:
I can't recommend highly enough. Transcriptions are accurate, and the service is fast and efficient.
PhD Student, London
14 Jan 2015 4:21 pm:
Courteous service, very fast response to queries, fast turnaround of transcriptions - would recommend!
Berni. Independent researcher
14 Jan 2015 4:20 pm:
I've used The Transcription Agency for over 10 years, both as an independent researcher and for companies I've worked with. I've always found them fast, accurate, efficient and friendly. I highly recommend them.
Erin, Customer Relations Manager
14 Jan 2015 4:18 pm:
We have used The Transcription Agency for a number of years and the service we have received from them has been consistently good. Transcripts are constructed and formatted in a neat, comprehensible and accurate way and returned in a timely manner. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services.
Guillermo, Analyst
14 Jan 2015 4:17 pm:
The Transcription Agency is a frequent supplier of ours. We have worked with them in a number of projects, sending many recordings of interviews. The experience has been great in terms of quality and reliability, and they have worked very well under pressure, always meeting the deadlines. Moreover, and also very important for us, we have had fluid communication with their team.
Nigel Emmerson, Quality Assurance
14 Jan 2015 4:15 pm:
My company has used The Transcription Agency for a number of years for any transcription work required, and never has the service been less than excellent, from the point of uploading the audio file on their user friendly website to getting the transcription back. Any queries we have had have been dealt with swiftly and professionally, and the team are always on hand to help and go the extra mile whenever it is required. The work completed by the team is always of the highest quality and completed swiftly, more often than not exceeding the turnaround time given by the company.

Always a pleasure to work with, keep up the good work.

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