Want To Work As A Transcriber?

The Transcription Agency has transcribers that work as part of our office transcription team and our home-based transcription team.

Do I need to have experience transcribing?

We have transcribers on our team that come from a variety of WORK backgrounds, so experience transcribing isn't a must in order to apply.  What we do require from transcribers that they:

1) are fluent in English, with a solid understanding of grammar, punctuation and idioms

2) have excellent listening and concentration skills

3) are conscientious, reliable and have a mature and professional approach to work

4) live in the UK (applications from outside the UK will not be considered)

5) have access to the internet on their own laptop/desktop computer

6) be aged 18 or over

Whilst a fast typing speed isn't essential, it is beneficial both to you and to us as it will impact on the turnarounds and work that we are able to offer you.

Why transcribe for us?
  •  Flexibility

We offer a flexible level of work each week, from part time to full time.  We find this appeals to people who have other commitments. 

  • A source of income

We have transcribers who work for us on a part-time and a full-time basis.

Application process:

The Transcription Agency is not currently taking on new transcribers.  If you would like to be notified when we are recruiting transcribers again, please provide us with some brief details about yourself by filling out our Request Form.

Want to work as a Transcriber?



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