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Please note that The Transcription Agency regularly submits proposals for tenders. Some tenders do ask for responses regarding ethnicity, gender, age and disability of those who provide services. In order for us to fully document this information in tender proposals, please can you ensure that these questions are answered as accurately as possible.


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Have you had any previous audio transcription experience?*
If yes, please provide details of audio transcription you have undertaken in the past which you feel may be relevant.
Please select which of the following you currently have:
If you selected 'Transcription software' or 'Footpedal', please specify the brand, models and versions.
If you have any interests or areas of specialism that may contribute to your work if successful as an audio transcriber, ie medical terminology, legal terminology etc please detail the interest/areas of specialism and the extent of your expertise in these areas:
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The following represent the minimum information security requirements you are required to have in place in order to process personal data or other information.

Please read the following and mark which statements are true/false of the home office arrangements you will be using for any work carried out for The Transcription Agency.

Computer System

Minimum standard for operating system is Windows 7.*
Please state which:*
Operating System must be maintained with the latest security patches issued by Microsoft (downloadable from the internet).*
The anti virus/anti spyware software must be updated daily with the latest updates issued by the software vendor.*
The system must be protected by a properly installed, maintained and configured firewall (hardware or software) that includes intrusion detection protection.*
Where wireless network/internet connection is used, the wireless router must be properly configured to ensure only secure, authenticated wireless connections are permitted.*
The computer should either be configured to ensure that only the home worker can access it, or to ensure that other users cannot access any information provided by or to be returned to The Transcription Agency that is held on the machine. When using the machine, the office environment must ensure that the information being processed on the computer is not visible or accessible to other members of the family and/or visitors. The machine must be “locked” if left unattended whilst still logged in.*
All data and electronic documents supplied by, or generated by The Transcription Agency must be securely deleted from the system using appropriate secure deletion software that meets minimum USDODS standard. Data and electronic files must be deleted at the end of the specific project for which they are supplied, unless authorised in writing to retain the data/information for further projects.*

General Information Security

All hard copies of data and/or documents must be stored in a secure manner at all times (i.e. they cannot be accessed by any other members of the household). Hard copies of personal data or confidential material must be destroyed by being shredded in a cross-cut shredder prior to recycling/disposal.*
All correspondence containing data must be sent in a secure matter, as agreed with The Transcription Agency and in compliance with The Transcription Agency’s clients’ security requirements. Clients’ requirements will be disseminated to The Transcription Agency’s home workers and when provided must be complied with at all times. All such data must be fully encrypted to minimum of AES256 standard. Approved methods for sending such data included use of fully encrypted emails and sent via a secure delivery service where the service in fully tracked.*
Please detail any other information you believe relevant to your application here:
If there are no more positions available at the time of submitting my application, I give The Transcription Agency permission to retain my details and contact me on the above details in the future. I understand that I can request for my details to be removed at any time:*


To ensure that the above conditions are met, The Transcription Agency's clients retain the right to conduct site visits in order to audit compliance, which will include a member of the Information Security team inspecting the home worker’s computer and working environment. Audit visits may also include penetration testing of your computer system.

I have added and to my email address book to ensure I can receive emails from The Transcription Agency. I understand that if I have not added these email addresses correctly to my email address book, this may result in me not successfully receiving a reply from The Transcription Agency:*


If you are taken on by The Transcription Agency, documentary evidence will be sought to confirm your answers.


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