Focus Groups and Workshops

Focus groups and workshops among a large group of people can quickly shift from a disciplined discussion into a "free for all" when respondents are keen to get their views across.  Respondents might:

  • talk over each other
  • turn away from the recorder 
  • have multiple discussions at the same time 

Recordings of this nature are notoriously harder to transcribe than interviews.

The Transcription Agency rises to the challenge of transcribing recordings like this.  

We recognise that a different set of skills is required to transcribe focus groups and workshops.  We have a team of experienced transcribers on hand to tackle even the most spirited of groups.  Our highly experienced team have a desire for perfection and will patiently re-listen to recordings repeatedly until they are confident that your transcripts are full, verbatim and accurate.

Groups and workshops transcribed in The Transcription Agency's standard layout show respondents as M (for Male) or F (for Female) before their speech to aid analysis.  If you require further respondent IDs, anonymised documents or a different layout, please speak with a member of the team who would be happy to discuss this with you.

To request a quote, please fill in our Quote Form or feel free to Contact Us to discuss your requirements.  free sample may also be available upon request.  







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