Tribunals/Inquests/Insolvency Interviews

The Transcription Agency is able to provide individuals and organisations transcription of:

  • inquests
  • insolvency interviews
  • tribunals

The transcripts that we provide for recordings of this nature are:

  • verbatim
  • accurate
  • fully identified
  • confidential
  • secure

Inquiries of this nature often involve a large number of individuals being interviewed or require multiple hearings and meetings.  As such The Transcription Agency has a small, specialist team of transcribers for transcribing requests of this nature to ensure continuity across the transcripts.  Transcripts are reviewed thoroughly by our Quality Control Unit before being returned to clients.

The Transcription Agency provides a fast turnaround, irrespective of recording duration.

Customer confidentiality is paramount.  Customer data is handled in a confidential manner and The Transcription Agency will work to clients' requirements regarding data retrieval, storage and deletion and in line with ISO 27001.  All personnel working on insolvency interviews will have:

  • signed a confidentiality statement
  • completed a CRD
  • undergone checks to prove eligibility to work in the UK

The Transcription Agency would be happy to sign any additional non-disclosure agreements or security documentation that you require and can provide a copy of our IT Security Policy on request.

To request a quote, please fill in our Quote Form or feel free to Contact Us to discuss your requirements.  A free sample may also be available upon request.  






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